Where is my TTF?


Recently there have been inquiries regarding TTF or true-type fonts, most often questioning why they are not showing up when copied into the font folder.  .SHX files were previously the norm for AutoCAD text and are still used today.  A .SHX file is an ASCII definition of a .SHP or shape file, and is used to define text shapes. Typically, to transfer a .SHX file from one version to another, all you had to do was copy said file from one font folder to another—done deal.   TTF files on the other hand are “true type fonts” and were actually developed by Apple.  Why does this matter?  Because they behave differently than .SHX files.  True type fonts must be installed, not just copied from one font folder to another.  I know, the thought of ‘installing’ anything can be unsettling to an extent, but this installation is quick and painless.  For Windows 7, all you have to do is select on the .TTF file, right click, and select “Install”.  If you are running XP/Vista, go to the control panel, Fonts, and select “Install new font”.  The font should now appear in the dialog box when you invoke the STYLE command.

Until next time, stay safe, cool, and happy!


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