One Suite One Install


Happy 2013, everybody. I hope your new year is full of new experiences and a plethora of good times.

I am going start off the year with an article on license compliancy.

The Autodesk Design Suites have become widely used and it is important to recognize a fundamental limitation when installing them. The guidelines are pretty basic but important. It can be easy to misunderstand what you can and cannot do when installing the Suites.

Autodesk has a Design Suite family developed to provide adequate design tools for most major industries. The idea is that you have access to multiple programs to address specific needs on your projects. A Standard Suite generally addresses 2D drafting needs. The mid-range Premium Suite builds off the Standard and also provides modeling and visualization functionality. The Ultimate Suite builds off the Premium Suite and provides a variety of analysis tools, depending on the Suite.

Make sure you do not over install your Autodesk Suite products. The outcome could raise a red flag with the Autodesk compliancy team. If you are found in violation of the installation terms, you will have to purchase according to the number of over installations you have.

Based on the Suite package of your choice, you are allocated a selection of products. A single Suite package is registered under a single serial number. It is important to understand that there are some restrictions to how the Suites can be installed.

You are at liberty to install the products of your choice, provided they are included in your Suite. For example, if you have the AutoCAD Design Suite Premium you can install AutoCAD, AutoCAD Raster Design and Autodesk 3ds Max Design. At the front end of the install, you are prompted to select the products you wish to be installed. If you are not going to ever use Autodesk Mudbox in your day to day projects, you do not have to install it.

You are not at liberty to install the different products on different computers then use the products concurrently. Using the AutoCAD Design Suite Premium as an example again, you cannot install AutoCAD, AutoCAD SketchBook Designer and Autodesk 3ds Max Design on separate machines and use them at the same time. This is a violation of the End User License Agreement. If you install and activate your Suite products spread out across multiple machines, you are in fact installing the license multiple times. This is will be flagged if you are audited by the Autodesk Compliance team. Each installation and activation will show as a complete install of the Suite. The Suites are not designed to give multiple people access to the products under one license. The Suites are designed to give one user access to multiple products. If you have one license, that one license can only be activated on one machine.

Remember, one Suite, one install.

For more information about license compliancey check out the following:

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