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Drawing Preview in Open and Saveas Dialog Box

February 26, 2013

Some of you might have noticed that the drawing preview pane in the Open and Saveas dialog box is either jacked up or not there at all. 

Autodesk’s support team has blogged the fix to this on their Being Civil’s blog site.

To fix the issue you will need to go to the registry and edit some keys.  Read more here.

Point Group from Point

February 21, 2013

I ran across a very cool Civil 3D add-in this morning on the Autodesk Exchange Apps; and it’s free!! 

This app allows the user to quickly create point groups for survey points such as trees, catch basins and other features by right clicking each desired point to be made into a point group based on its description.

You can read about it and install it here.

Geotechnical Module for Civil 3D 2013

February 5, 2013

Autodesk has released their Geotechnical Module for Civil 3D 2013.

This is only available for Subscription customers.

This module allows you to…

· Import and connect to geotechnical data, both AGS and CSV formats

· Create and manage Boreholes in both plan and model space

· Create and manage sub strata surfaces

· Produce dynamic profiles and project log strips on to them

· Geotechnical hatch and style management

The module will add a tab in the ribbon as shown:

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM