A Challenge to Inventor users


Hello all,

It has been a while since my last posting to the Blog, and hopefully it will not be this long again.

Total CAD recently had an Industrial Machinery workshop where we reviewed tools for Routed systems, Electrical schematic communication with Inventor, and a review of the Autodesk 360 tools. All in all it was a very good day for everyone.

This brings me to my main item. Lately it seems, we have been receiving support calls about tools that seem to be missing from Inventor. I would like to review and address a few of those here – and they do exist…<grin>

In our event some users saw tools they have never seen before, and these “missing” tools are good tools to know about.

1. While in routed systems and having created a run/route,  highlight the route, right-click to see the menu and a couple handy commands, Convert to 3D sketch, and the Alternate Route options appear. Very handy.

2. Design Accelerators: Many users overlook these tools. Which appear in the Assembly ribbon tool bar… check it out. I recently had a client ask about chain design tools. Which is part of  the  Design Accelerator tools. Again very handy. While in an assembly select the “Design” tab of the ribbon. By the way, frame generator tools are here as well.

3. Learn to use the filter tools for content when searching for placement in an assembly  – we see so many users struggling to look through 1000’s of parts because they don’t turn on ANSI, DIN, or other filters. With the Content Center open look for the little Funnel Filter button. Try it out, it will help. Also users can add commonly used parts to their favorites bar in Content Center.

4. Remember to expand folders in the part and/or assembly browser. If it has a “+” sign to the left, then other items are under that part or assembly.

As you experiment I’m sure you will find efficient ways to use some of these tools.

Now My CHALLENGE to you! Once a day pick a new button or command to investigate or use. Learn how it works and how it can be applied to your current design projects.

One Button a Day Makes Inventor Go a Long Way…

Have a good day,



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