AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Update 3


Autodesk has released a new update for Civil 3D 2012 that addresses the following issues…


The accuracy of profile station labels that use station index format has been improved.


COGO Editor now accepts DMS input containing spaces.

Corridor Design

An issue that caused a feature line to erroneously span between two stations ignoring all of the corridor sections in between has been resolved.

An issue that caused Feature lines to not display as expected has been resolved.

Data Shortcuts

Profiles are no longer duplicated in multiple alignments.

An issue that prevented users from creating Data Shortcuts has been resolved.

Referenced pipes and pipe labels are now displayed as expected when plotted.

Creating a reference to a grid surface no longer causes AutoCAD Civil 3D to stop responding.


The stability of the drawing opening command has been improved.


Creating a catchment without flow path results no longer causes AutoCAD Civil 3D to stop responding.

The accuracy of pond calculations in Hydraflow Hydrograph has been improved.

The accuracy of Hydraflow Express SDF Curve values has been improved.


LandXML import now respects wildcards in the object layer.


Superelevation diagram is now displayed as expected when the alignment is data referenced.


Surface smoothing no longer introduces erroneous elevations into surface.

Coordinate system settings are now applied to DEM when adding to a TIN Model.

Stability and accuracy when pasting surfaces has been improved.


The stability of Traverse Analysis has been improved.

Download the update here.


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