Label Manholes in Profile View


Some might have a bit of a hard time getting their manhole labels to display correctly in profile view.  This will take you step-by-step in setting your label style to label your manholes 90°, at the bottom of the profile view.

Below you can see a typical profile view in Civil 3D with labels…


Not very appealing.  Even if you drag the labels off the manholes, they still don’t look very good.


Yes, you can altar the label style to be 90° and have the dragged state’s leader set to False, and drag each one to the bottom of the profile view, then try and get them lined up nice and neat.  But, that’s not very proficient.  What if the profile view height changes? You will then need to drag them, one-by-one to the new location.

I am going to walk you through the steps to get the label to be exactly at the bottom of the profile view grid and if the profile view height changes, they move with the profile view to the correct location.

First, keep in mind, most people use the same label style for the plan view and the profile view.  To do this correctly, you must have a label style for the plan, and one for the profile.

We will start by copying a label style and then altering it…


Under the Information tab, make sure you rename it to something like Data with Connected Pipes (Storm)(Profile).  Now click the Layout tab.  Change the rotation for only the Structure Text component to 90°.


Under the General section, change the Anchor Point to Structure Dimension…


Now click on the Dragged State tab.  We are only changing these parameters just in case you do need to drag the labels.  If you look at the first image at the top of the page, you can see that I have a pipe crossing the street. The labels are on top of each other.  Even by creating these labels in this fashion, they are still going to be on top of each other.

Under the Leader category, change the Visibility to False.  Under the Dragged State Components category, change the Display to As Composed…


Click OK.

Make sure if you dragged the labels, and they are in a “dragged state”, that you reset them.  You can right-click on a label and choose Reset Label.  Also, change all your text to the new label style you just created.

Notice the labels jump way down below the grid…


Not to worry, this is normal.  Select your newly created labels, then  open Properties.  Under the General section, for Dimension Anchor Option, choose Graph view bottom…


Now your labels are in the correct location.


You can go a step further in your label style to have it add a line to the label connecting it to the structure.  That is going to have to be another day. 



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