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Bringing in Lidar for an Elevation Exhibit; Civil 3D or Map 3D? You Be the Judge

September 19, 2014

I had a customer call be about bringing in .las files in and having a nice legend for an elevation range.  I primarily work with Civil 3D.  I created the the elevation range exhibit in Civil 3D and added a legend.  I then exported out the drawing to an AutoCAD drawing so that my client could use it in Map 3D.  I sent the drawing to him and he was pleased.  The client only has seats for Map 3D.  He was pleased with the results he received from me and called to thank me.  He then proceeded to ask me if doing this was possible in Map 3D.  After talking to my co-worker, Jeff Juniewich, he showed me a way the client could do this themselves with much better results.  Below is a screen shot of the lidar in Civil 3D

9-19-2014 3-13-57 PM

Now, the same area in Map 3D

9-19-2014 3-19-12 PM

So, you be the judge on which looks better for exhibit purposes.  If you would like to know how to do this in Map 3D, I have created a video and posted below…

Bringing in Lidar with Map 3D