Placing 2D Surface iParts into Assemblies


When you try placing a 2D surface iPart into an assembly, nothing is displayed. However, the Model Browser displays the component instances. No error messages show up. Figure 1 and 2 shown below displays the before and after of the placement.


Figure 1 Before placement

Figure 2

Figure 2 After placement

As you can see, five instances of the iPart are placed but none of them are visible.


Update: Before placing the iPart into the assembly, assign an iMate to the surface iPart. It will show up once it is placed into the assembly. Thanks for the tip, Charles Parnell!


There are a two workarounds for this problem.

  1. Give the 2D iParts a thickness (shown in Figure 3)
  2. Place the 2D surfaces as individual Parts (shown in Figure 4)

Once you give the iParts a thickness, the component instances will appear in the Model Space.


Figure 3 After adding thickness


Figure 4 Placing 2D surfaces as individual parts

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2 Responses to “Placing 2D Surface iParts into Assemblies”

  1. Charles Parnell Says:

    I read a post some years ago that stated that if a single iMate is assigned to the surface in (of) a iPart then the surface will show when the iPart is placed into an assembly. It seems to have worked for me.

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