Plant Construction Series


Materials for Pipe:

Steel pipe Normally refers to carbon-steel pipe. Seam-Welded steel pipe is made from plate. Seamless pipe is made using dies, common finishes are “black” (“plain or mill” finish) and galvanized.

Iron pipe is made from cast-iron and ductile -iron. The principal uses are for water, gas and sewage lines.

Other metals and alloys pipe or tube made from cooper. lead, nickel, brass, aluminum and various stainless steels. These materials are relatively expensive and are usually selected either because of their particular corrosion resistance to the process chemical, their good heat transfer, or for their tensile strength at high temperatures.

Plastics pipe made from plastics may be used to convey actively corrosive fluids and is especially useful for handling corrosive or hazardous gases and dilute mineral acids.

Glass all-glass piping is used for the chemical resistance, cleanliness and transparency. glass pipe is not subject to “Crazing” often found in glass-lined pipe and vessels subject to repeated thermal stresses.

Next time: Linings and Coatings

Note: Crazing = A fine crack in a surface or To produce a network of fine cracks in the surface


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