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Bring Your Corridors Into InfraWorks with Style Rules for Materials

January 29, 2015

From the Ground Up blog site has posted a great workflow to directly bring in Civil 3D corridors, with assigned materials attached, into InfraWorks or InfraWorks 360.

Keep in mind, you will need Civil 3D 2015 Service Pack 2 installed in order for this to work.

Read about this great workflow here.

Get Current NOW! Time is Running Out…

January 23, 2015

After today, you will have one more week to get your software upgraded before Autodesk discontinues upgrades.  Make sure you get your software upgraded, or if you did not purchase subscription, get on subscription so you will not lose the right to upgrade.

Please go here to read and find out more about this policy.

Time is Running Out!

January 6, 2015

Protect the Value of Your Autodesk Licenses

Autodesk Previous Version Upgrades are Going Away

Time is running out. Protect the value of your Autodesk licenses by having them under Maintenance Subscription or risk paying more to stay up-to-date with your software.


As of February 1st, 2015, Autodesk will no longer offer the option to purchase a new license by leveraging trade-in value of an older license. Any Autodesk licenses not current by January 31st, 2015 will no longer be eligible to upgrade their software.  This means if you’d like to move to the current version of Autodesk software after this date, you will have to purchase a new license at full price.


The last day Autodesk will accept upgrade orders from a non-current version of software will be January 30th, 2015.


If you have a 2015 version of Autodesk Software without Maintenance Subscription, please contact your local Total CAD Rep (281) 445-6161 to review options available to you.

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