Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D and Point Cloud (Kubit)


The client’s question was, I am supposed to be able to hover over an equipment nozzle and hit and hold the Ctrl key and select the nozzle to edit, but for whatever reason when I follow the procedure, it puts me into 3D Orbit, is there a setting under options that makes that possible?

Note: please make sure to Save your work before attempting this procedure

the answer is to do the procedure again and when you see the 3D Orbit icon hit or select the F2 Key and if the following shows on the open window ‘KUBT_KL_3DORBIT you will need to do the following.

Under the “Point Sense” Ribbon located on the far right there is an orange gear for settings, click that and a dialogue box will open, click on AutoCAD LT and the first option is Ctrl + Left click option. it will be set to 3D Orbit, change it to “NO” at this moment Plant 3D has a 50-50 chance to crash and if it does please fire it up again and check to see if it is back to normal.

Note: do not use the Recover option if you have saved your work before applying this procedure.

hope this helps!!

Total Cad Systems Inc.


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