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Want your Excel spreadsheet within your AutoCAD drawing?

July 29, 2015

Great, detailed instructions on how to perform this operation…

Want your Excel spreadsheet with… – Autodesk Community.

More New and Updated Solutions from Autodesk

July 24, 2015


How do a update license file on server without access to server?
How do I setup an Options files to use 2 Subnets?

How to set up a scalar mixing analysis when both temperature and density have a significant impact o…

LMTOOLS error – License Server Not Found

RSA 2016 customize keyboard not working
Water tank with heating coil is predicting strange thermal results


Advance Steel

Advance Steel: Angle (orthogonal) tolerance for holes leads to incorrect DXF file
Advance Steel: Changing titles of revision table columns



Can the renderengine of Speedform do a Global Illumination rendering



AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT on Mac OSX randomly crashes

Color of drawing window not changeable

How to create a new local administrator Windows user account

How to import a list of coordinates into AutoCAD

How to sort the sheets in the sheet set manager
The Autodesk AutoCAD information message “External References File has Changed” not automatically ap…
Visual style in realistic mode shows edges
The Performance is poor, when working with Autodesk Vault


AutoCAD Architecture

How to add a background mask in a Multi-view Block tag


AutoCAD Civil 3D

A surface in Civil 3D is not displayed if the view is changed to shaded or realistic

Export pipe network to SHP file

How to set a coordinate system as default

WMS server connection and Windows user rights


AutoCAD Electrical

Cannot view and insert subassembly components in AutoCAD Electrical



AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT on Mac OSX randomly crashes


AutoCAD Map 3D

AIMS layer error: “Resource ID does not refer to a valid feature source”

Support for Oracle in AutoCAD Map 3D 2015

AutoCAD Plant 3D

AutoCAD Plant 3D: The Vault server reported an error WrongProjectFolder

How to connect offpage connectors in AutoCAD P&ID 2016


BIM 360 Field

BIM360 Field issue report format changed to show only one photo per page


Simulation CFD button is not appearing in Solidworks



Cannot import the Autodesk Inventor Content Center Library (CCL) into Autodesk Vault
Cannot create Weld symbol in Inventor 2016

Fillets or corner rounds applied on cut extrusions are not all mirrored
Hatch Cust31 not being printed – previewed

Hole tags are dis-attached from holes in drawing

Inventor 2015: After changing source of Excel table content vanishes from drawing
Inventor launches very slowly when connected to network
Inventor: Create Cylindrical Cam fails with small basic radius
Inventor: Custom metric Tube and Pipe elements are filtered by wrong unit
Inventor: Some parameters do not change base unit
Inventor: Using Direct Edit with multiple objects can cause long waiting time
Inventor: Workaxis not taken into account with alligned section views
Inventor’s advised modeling space
P&go Missing substitutes of assemblies and source files linked by suppressed derived part

Material of components not persitent when using Bolted connection
Shell feature limitations on some parts

Some of Inventors Color Schemes are set to use the for a Reflective Environment
When checking out file from Autodesk Vault, the references lost from the libraries



imagePlane.lockedToCamera evaluated incorrectly in Evaluation modes


Maya LT

Reset Login Screen for Maya LT



How to simulate deflection given stiffness from a part insert in Moldflow Insight

Missing value when selecting multiple locations with Moldflow’s Examine tool

Random hot spots around the gate in the Mold Temperature result of Moldflow analysis
Unable to import Solidworks 2015 SP2 CAD files into Moldflow 2016

When you try to process in Moldflow FLEX, you error with an “invalid Serial Number”



Navisworks 2016 consumes excessive memory when opening projects from previous versions
Only one single frame is exported when creating an Animation



A las-file is double rotated in Recap



How to modify default join geometry order

Revit 2015: Crashes in worksharing files at synchronizing with central file
Revit Server: In Use by AutosyncProcess
Revit will not hold dimensions to a linked CAD file through a reload
Revit: After upgrading to 2016, not able to edit “Project Address” in the titleblock
Revit: Error “Revit can’t perform this operation because you are trying to access a file or folder t…
Revit: Using Annotation Symboles In Schedules
Join geometry doesnt work between certain structural columns and floors


Simulation Mechanical

How to access plate/shell results options in Simulation Mechanical

How to determine the available output for Simulation Mechanical Solvers


After Vault upgrade, Vault Client can’t connect

Cannot checking in SolidWorks assembly into Autodesk Vault Professional

Cannot import the Autodesk Inventor Content Center Library (CCL) into Autodesk Vault
The Autodesk AutoCAD information message “External References File has Changed” not automatically ap…
Rebuilding after a Vault Search index error

The Performance is poor, when working with Autodesk Vault

Vault ribbon images are missing

When checking out file from Autodesk Vault, the references lost from the libraries

When exporting files from Autodesk Productstream Professional (PSP) the message appears: “Invalid Na…

When starting the Autodesk Jobprocessor, the exception message appears: “System.Exception”
When using Autodesk Vault Data Standard, the iproperties cannot updating with zero values
When using Autodesk Vault Thin Client, the scroll bar is not available.



Wrong applied action in the VRED Sequencer

Low performance of a specific file in VRED 

AutoCAD 2016 Hotfix 2

July 22, 2015

Autodesk has released a hotfix 2 for AutoCAD and it’s verticals.

You can download it here.

Total CAD Systems, Inc. July eNews

July 7, 2015

Industry News & Schedule of Events

tcad tree

Keep up with Total CAD Systems, Inc.’s latest news, promotions, and schedule of events.

The Way You Buy Your Autodesk Software is Changing

What’s Changing?

Autodesk is transitioning from perpetual software licenses to subscription-based options. After January 31, 2016, new seats of most individual Autodesk software products will no longer be available for purchase. After that time, those individual products will be available only for rent as a Desktop Subscription. This change applies to both standalone and network licenses.

What’s Not Changing?

Existing perpetual licenses or perpetual licenses purchased before January 31, 2016 can continue to be used and kept up-to-date with an active Maintenance Subscription.

Products impacted by this licensing change.

To learn more about this licensing change, contact your Total CAD Rep (281) 445-6161.

Autodesk Online Rebate Offers

Just a couple more weeks to save! From May 7, 2015 through July 24, 2015, Autodesk is offering Online Rebates for the purchases of eligible:

new perpetual commercial licenses with a 2-or 3-year Maintenance Subscription 
crossgrades to Suites with Maintenance Subscription 
network activation fees added to existing, new or crossgrade licenses on Maintenance Subscription 
annual, 2-or 3-year Desktop Subscription purchased by existing customers owning qualifying 2005-2015 perpetual licenses.

For more information, please review the Terms and Conditions or call (281) 445-6161.

InfraWorks 360: Use Custom Profiles in Road and Railway Styles

The June release of InfraWorks 360 2016 features an exciting new enhancement for road and railway styles: Custom Profiles.

A custom profile is a 2D cross section that you create in an external application (such as AutoCAD) in SDF or SQLite format, then bring into InfraWorks 360 and attach to a road or railway style. InfraWorks 360 will extrude the 2D cross section along the length of the selected road or railway track so that it can continuously hug your road or railway, and smoothly follow its assigned track around curves.

See how you can utilize Custom Profiles.

In This Issue

Perpetual Licenses Discontinuation

Autodesk Online Rebate Offer

Training Schedule

Autodesk AEC Event Center


AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals

July 13th – 16th

August 10th – 13th

AutoCAD Fundamentals

August 3rd – 6th

Email Nhi Hong to register for training or for more information.

Autodesk AEC Event Center

Autodesk is introducing Autodesk AEC Event Center, which allows you to view online and in-person events related to the Building Design, Fabrication, Construction, and Infrastructure industry.

To see what events are coming up in the AEC industry, click here.

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