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Animate Sketchup Models and Bring them Into InfraWorks

October 20, 2015

I have put together a short video together on how to fully utilize your Infrastructure Design Suite by animating Sketchup files in 3ds Max, and bringing them into InfraWorks.  Enjoy…

Microsoft Windows Update KB2987107 (Critical)

October 20, 2014

philip.s from the Installation & Licensing forum made an important post about the Internet Explorer Security Update 2987107. Not only does it resolve serious vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, but it also fixes several issues regarding crashes with the Autodesk Standalone Licensing Wizard, as well as AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP. Read philip.s‘s post here and the complete details of the security update here.

The security update is deemed Critical for Internet Explorer 6 through 11 on affected Windows clients and Moderate for Internet Explorer 6 through 11 on affected Windows servers. A few of the vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer being addressed are remote code execution, memory corruption, elevation of privilege, information disclosure, and security feature bypass. Be sure to install the update to protect yourself.

Thank you philip.s for sharing this information!

Bringing in Lidar for an Elevation Exhibit; Civil 3D or Map 3D? You Be the Judge

September 19, 2014

I had a customer call be about bringing in .las files in and having a nice legend for an elevation range.  I primarily work with Civil 3D.  I created the the elevation range exhibit in Civil 3D and added a legend.  I then exported out the drawing to an AutoCAD drawing so that my client could use it in Map 3D.  I sent the drawing to him and he was pleased.  The client only has seats for Map 3D.  He was pleased with the results he received from me and called to thank me.  He then proceeded to ask me if doing this was possible in Map 3D.  After talking to my co-worker, Jeff Juniewich, he showed me a way the client could do this themselves with much better results.  Below is a screen shot of the lidar in Civil 3D

9-19-2014 3-13-57 PM

Now, the same area in Map 3D

9-19-2014 3-19-12 PM

So, you be the judge on which looks better for exhibit purposes.  If you would like to know how to do this in Map 3D, I have created a video and posted below…

Bringing in Lidar with Map 3D

New Modules and More for 2015

July 3, 2014

Autodesk has released a couple of modules and other nice features this week. 

1. Autodesk Geotechnical Module 2015

2. Autodesk Bridge Module 2015

3. Autodesk Vehicle Tracker 2015.2

4. Extended Vehicle Libraries for Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2015

Make sure to go over the README files before installing.

DGNPURGE is Now Part of 2015

June 5, 2014

How many of you are familiar with a couple of lines in a drawing and the drawing file size being EXTREMELY large?

I know a few of your are familiar with this because I sent you instructions on how to use the DGNPurge hotfix.  However, this hotfix is only for 2012/2013/2014.

It is now incorporated into the PURGE and –PURGE commands; it’s new name is Orphaned Data.