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Microsoft Windows Update KB2987107 (Critical)

October 20, 2014

philip.s from the Installation & Licensing forum made an important post about the Internet Explorer Security Update 2987107. Not only does it resolve serious vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, but it also fixes several issues regarding crashes with the Autodesk Standalone Licensing Wizard, as well as AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP. Read philip.s‘s post here and the complete details of the security update here.

The security update is deemed Critical for Internet Explorer 6 through 11 on affected Windows clients and Moderate for Internet Explorer 6 through 11 on affected Windows servers. A few of the vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer being addressed are remote code execution, memory corruption, elevation of privilege, information disclosure, and security feature bypass. Be sure to install the update to protect yourself.

Thank you philip.s for sharing this information!

Placing 2D Surface iParts into Assemblies

October 14, 2014

When you try placing a 2D surface iPart into an assembly, nothing is displayed. However, the Model Browser displays the component instances. No error messages show up. Figure 1 and 2 shown below displays the before and after of the placement.


Figure 1 Before placement

Figure 2

Figure 2 After placement

As you can see, five instances of the iPart are placed but none of them are visible.


Update: Before placing the iPart into the assembly, assign an iMate to the surface iPart. It will show up once it is placed into the assembly. Thanks for the tip, Charles Parnell!


There are a two workarounds for this problem.

  1. Give the 2D iParts a thickness (shown in Figure 3)
  2. Place the 2D surfaces as individual Parts (shown in Figure 4)

Once you give the iParts a thickness, the component instances will appear in the Model Space.


Figure 3 After adding thickness


Figure 4 Placing 2D surfaces as individual parts

More with Vault

April 22, 2014


Get Previous Version/Revision of Parts and Assemblies…

We do not get many calls on this subject, but I think it may be because users are not aware of this ability within a vault application.

Many clients need to get back to a previous variation of a design, either due to overlooking a particular item in the design, or a change in the direction of the design. With Vault and Inventor, clients can get a previous version, however the command is not widely visible from a vault menu or tool bar. Without knowledge of this function, vault users can waste time attempting to get back to a version reflecting the state of the design they actually need.

Let’s take a look at the steps needed to accomplish “Get Previous Version”

Below is a Figure of the design in its current configuration.

Fig. 1

Fig. 1


The following Drawing also reflects the above assembly.



The problem is: I need to get the previous version of the file before the top most beams were added to the design; and how does a user accomplish this task, with “Get Previous Version”. Accessing that tool is done this way.

1. From the preview pane highlight the version needed.


Fig. 3

2. Then right click and select “Get/Checkout”

3. Once “Get/Checkout” dialog box appears, expand it to a full dialog…


Fig. 4

Note the number of files to be downloaded to my workspace (12).

4. Download the required file(s), only 12 to be exact, but DO NOT CHECKOUT, then select “OK”

5. The Vault Browser will reflect some out of date files and/or documents


Fig. 5

6. Next is to inform Vault this version needs to be checked out, but not over-write the version you just downloaded.

7. Select the latest version from the main pane in Vault.


Fig. 6

8. Right click and select “Get/Checkout” and expand the dialog box.

9. Pick checkout ball with blue check, and note the checkout download indicators.


Fig. 7

10. Now Select the button identifying the “Working Folders”


Fig. 8

11. Set the download location/Type to “None”. Note the Download indicator


Fig. 9

12. Pick “OK”

13. Open file from within the Inventor application NOT from Vault.


Fig. 10

14. Change Model browser from “Model” to “Vault”, you will see the following.


Fig. 11

15. This is the normal condition, Vault is warning you that the file(s) are checked out to you, and they need to be refreshed from the Vault. This is because Vault thinks you have the wrong version, but you know better…!

16. From the Vault browser within Inventor, highlight the assembly file and check in.


Fig. 12

17. The Check in dialog box will be presented to you, select your favorite option and continue.


Fig. 13

  18. Your results should look like your previous version selected back in Step (1), Fig. 14 & 15.


Fig. 14


Fig. 15

Vault and Moving Files

December 19, 2013

Moving files, The Nightmare!

Recently I have come across several accounts that are having serious issues with getting a drawing or model file in the correct windows location. It is becoming a nightmare for those clients and their file management. The situation is this; clients are moving the files with Windows commands and tools, and NOT using the Vault file management tools.

A few items to keep in mind when working with document management tools such as Vault.

  1. All files managed by or planned to be managed by Vault must NOT be manipulated by Windows commands.
  2. Opening a file from any folder and executing a “Save As” will NOT correctly manage the links to that file, Example: Opening an Assembly, A1 containing parts P1, P2,and P3, and running a Save As on A1, renaming it to A11 will NOT change the references to P1, P2 and P3. This simple operation can destroy the validity of the A1 and A11 Assemblies if the A11 assembly needs to reflect a different design iteration. If a user was to change P1, it will change in both Assemblies A1 and A11 thus the “Save As” does not differentiate either Assembly (A1 or A11), they are identical even though the A11 has been moved to a new folder.
  3. Instead using the Move files within the Vault client will correctly path the moved files to all others that they may have an effect on. In the example noted above in (2) moving the A1 assembly to a completely different folder will cause Vault to correct the links to parts P1,P2 and P3. Changing any Part. P1, P2 or P3 will then update Assembly A1. If a new complete design is needed to reflect a change that DOES NOT need to affect the assembly A1 and its part relationships, then the tool known as “COPY DESIGN” should be used.
  4. COPY DESIGN allows several things to happen, move to a different folder structure with in the vault, rename each and every effected file, heal all the relationships to the moved and renamed file and folder locations. I.E. A1 is moved to a new folder and renamed to A11, parts P1, P2 and P3 can be reused and still point to the A11 in the new folder location, or parts P1, P2 and P3 can be renamed so that they are unique to the A11 Assembly. Example P1 to P11 and P2 to P22 etc. This operation will again heal the links in each and every effected file as a result of using the “COPY DESIGN” tools.

In short, with Inventor and the Vault Document system the only way to properly move, rename and copy designs is to use the tools within the vault client or the applications vault add-in tools.

Hope this clears up any questions about file management using Vault and NOT windows tools and commands….

Happy File management….

Mike B.

Total CAD Systems’ Newsletter

November 7, 2013

Total CAD Systems, Inc. November eNews

Industry News & Schedule of Events

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Keep up with Total CAD Systems, Inc.’s latest news, promotions, and schedule of events.


Total CAD Systems Has Earned the Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Specialization!

Total CAD Systems has earned the new Civil Infrastructure Specialization designation for value added resellers from Autodesk, Inc. As an Autodesk Specialized Partner, Total CAD Systems has shown that we have made significant investment in our people, we have a business plan specific to our specialization area, we have customer references, and that we can offer a high level of technical background and support to customers in the Civil Infrastructure industry.


The new Autodesk Partner Specializations enable value added resellers to highlight and brand their expertise in delivering services in key industry areas. By completing the required curriculum and training, as well as meeting required levels of service and standards set by Autodesk, Total CAD Systems demonstrates it can be a trusted adviser to Autodesk customers throughout the world.


How InfraWorks for You Workshop

The "How InfraWorks for You" hands-on workshop will show that the Autodesk InfraWorks is not just about pretty pictures. InfraWorks can also be used as a preliminary design analysis tool. Join us to find out how InfraWorks can quickly do surface analysis and get area calculations, then see how to convey your design by developing a

quality video to present to your clientele.


When: Friday, January 10th

Time: 9am to 3pm

Where: Total CAD Systems Office

Cost: $50 (For a limited time, register for a discounted price of $50. Original cost was $150)


Autodesk® InfraWorks (formerly Infrastructure Modeler) software provides breakthrough 3D modeling and visualization technology for desktop, web, and mobile that goes beyond traditional computer-aided design (CAD) and GIS platforms.


Discover how to:

  • Connect data through the Data Sources dialog box
  • Stylize the models that are connected
  • Add 3D models from Trimble® 3D Warehouse (formerly known as Google 3D Warehouse) to the Style Palette and then place them in your workspace
  • Basic measurements and surface analysis
  • Create a video flyby

…and more!

Email to reserve your seat today!



Autodesk "Possibilities" Mail-in Rebate Offer

Save UP TO $1,000 on Autodesk design & creation suites and $400 on Autodesk AutoCAD software.


From now until December 31st, 2013, you can receive rebates of up to $1,000* when you purchase select Autodesk® design or creation suites. Discover industry-specific workflows that fit the way you work and give you more time to be creative.


You can also receive rebates of $400* on Autodesk® AutoCAD® and industry-specific versions of AutoCAD. Get the tools you need to create, capture, connect and showcase your designs like never before – while also streamlining your workflows.


**Autodesk AutoCAD 2014/AutoCAD for Mac, Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical, Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D, Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk AutoCAD P&ID, Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D, Autodesk AutoCAD Utility Design


For more information, visit our promotions page or call (281) 445-6161. 


Autodesk Financing Offer

Financing made simple – it’s easy to keep cash flowing while keeping up with the latest Autodesk technology.


From now through January 24, 2014, or until $8 million in funding is allocated (whichever occurs first) as determined by Autodesk, customers can benefit from low financing rates of 0% for 24 months, 2.9% for 24 months or 3.9% for 36 months with 90 days deferred payments when meeting certain eligibility requirements on Autodesk software.


The Autodesk FY14 Q4 Financing Offer may be combined with all other offers and promotions.


*Minimum transaction size to qualify for 24 months 0% financing with 90 days deferred is $75,000 USD and maximum transaction size is $150,000 USD. Minimum transaction size to qualify for 24 months 2.9% and 36 months 3.9% financing with 90 days deferred is $25,000 USD and maximum transaction size is $150,000 USD. Only Autodesk® software perpetual licenses and Autodesk® Subscription purchases are eligible for this offer. Autodesk Rental Plans, Consulting Services, partner training and services, and/or other related purchases are not eligible. The Autodesk FY14 Q4 Financing offer may not be combined with multi-year Subscription contracts. Autodesk® Subscription may not exceed 40% of the total amount financed. Autodesk Subscription is not required to receive promotional financing


For more information, visit our promotions page or call (281) 445-6161. 


AutoTrack now available

Autodesk Expands Infrastructure Design and Analysis Portfolio With Acquisition of AutoTrack Software, a suite of software for vehicle swept path analysis and the design of parking areas and roundabouts.


Works with all AutoCAD platform 2013 & 2014 products:

  • Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite
  • Autodesk Building Design Suite
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Utility Design

Key Benefits for Road Designers, Civil and Traffic Engineers

  • Enhance productivity and evaluate more what-if scenarios earlier in the process of designing roundabouts, intersections and loading bays
  • Help save time and money integrating industry proven analysis methods in the design process
  • Conduct interactive simulations to better understand project performance related to traffic turning movements

Call our office at (281) 445-6161 for more information.





AutoCAD Fundamentals

December 2nd – 5th


AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals

    December 9th – 12th 



Subscription Late Fee Waiver

For a Limited Time: Renew your expired Autodesk Subscription now without a late fee.


From November 7, 2013 through January 24, 2014, customers with expired Subscription contracts up to 364 days past expiration, may renew their Subscription and Autodesk will waive the Autodesk $100 per seat late fee.


For more information, visit our promotions page or call our office (281) 445-6161.


Subscription Center

Step-by-step solutions for accessing, using and managing your Subscription benefits.


Autodesk® Subscription customers get access to select Autodesk® 360 cloud services. Subscription may be purchased with a new Autodesk software license, or in certain instances can be added to an existing license. 


Visit the Subscription Solutions Center for help with your Subscription. 


Section 179 Advantage

Making new software purchases? You could qualify for Section 179. Find out more: 


Software Rental Plans Available from Autodesk

Compete like a big firm. On a small business budget.


Rental plans allow you to license Autodesk software on a short-term basis to meet a variety of project, budget and business considerations. 

Scalable Licensing

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Pay As You Go

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The Latest Software

Stay current with the latest releases and product enhancements.


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