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Webcast on Animation in InfraWorks

February 29, 2016

Total CAD Systems

Animation in InfraWorks 360


Bring InfraWorks to life with animation.

Join us in this one hour webcast to discover the animation workflow in InfraWorks 360. Learn how to search for models on Trimble 3D Warehouse, bring them into 3ds Max, animate it, and then bring it into InfraWorks.

See how you can take full advantage of your Infrastructure Design Suite and put it to good use with this webcast.

Limited spots available so RSVP today. If you have any questions, please email Nhi Nguyen.




March 23rd


10am to 11am


Your Desk


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Showcase Subscription Advantage Pack

November 12, 2009

For all you lucky lucky people out there with Showcase and Subscription, check out the Subscription Advantage Pack here:

There’s some fantastic additions to the feature set, my particular favourite being the keyframe animation capabilities. 

Takes the product to a whole new level.

Have fun.