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InfraWorks 360 2016.4

February 9, 2016

Yes, that is correct, a new version.  Autodesk has pushed out the best release of InfraWorks so far.   They have combined the roadway design, drainage design, and bridge design into the software bundle at a great price.  To see some of the new features, watch the video below…

New and Updated Solutions

January 8, 2016

Autodesk has posted some more great tips, tricks and fixes.  See below…

New and Updated Solutions! Vault, Revit, and more!


Deleting your Autodesk Account

Maximum number of computers permitted for Perpetual Licenses (Standalone)

Advance Steel

Advance Steel: Cannot generate single part drawings for all parts using drawing process on US instal…

AutoCAD Civil 3D

Civil 3D Country Kit Denmark: Errors and missing label styles for alignment and pipes/structures

How to Design a Junction/Intersection in Civil 3D

Sharing Civil 3D Cogo points with Autodesk Vault


Custom font not exported correctly on DWF PDF

Incorrect bend direction annotation
Inventor: Extrusion and Revolve functions go to non responding when sketch uses Project Cut Edges
Inventor: Weld imargry bleed out to Part faces in derived part.


Unable to control skeleton with HIK Control Rig


Carbonite stopping Revit from syncing

Customizing arrowhead of the stair path symbol

Revit 2015: UR11 breaks Revit Server

Wall opening height is missing in Revit dimensions


Sharing Civil 3D Cogo points with Autodesk Vault

Time is Running Out

January 6, 2016

There are only a few weeks left until perpetual licenses of most individual Autodesk products will be discontinued.

After January 28, 2016, new perpetual licenses of most individual Autodesk software will no longer be available for purchase or crossgrade. After July 28, 2016, Autodesk will discontinue sales of new perpetual license and will no longer off the option to migrate (crossgrade) to most Autodesk Design & Creation Suites.

For example, after January 28, 2016, a customer with a perpetual license of AutoCAD cannot crossgrade to a perpetual license of Revit. However, that customer can crossgrade the perpetual license of AutoCAD to a perpetual license of Building Design Suite Premium until the end-of-sale of the suites on July 31, 2016.


Customers will continue to have the opportunity to subscribe to the affected products with offerings specifically designed for individuals, teams and enterprises. The pay-as-you-go option for Autodesk products and cloud services will be available as multi-year, annual, quarterly or monthly subscription terms.

If you want to move to the latest 2016 software, or need additional licenses – and prefer to own your licenses – you’ll want to act prior to January 28, 2016, while they’re still available. Add Maintenance Subscription to your perpetual licenses to ensure you have continued access to subscription benefits, including software updates, technical support, and flexible licensing rights.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options, please email us or call our office (281) 445-6161.

Convert your current stand-alone license to a network license before January 28, 2016.

After January 28, 2016, the option to add one-time network activation fees, which is required to change a stand-alone deployment to a network, will no longer be available. The option to purchase additional network licenses will also be discontinued.  After this date, you will have the option to purchase term-based network licenses (via a "network subscription") to add to your existing pool of network licenses.

If you have products with network licenses on Maintenance Subscription as of January 31, 2016, you will continue to own your perpetual license and retain the Maintenance Subscription benefits associated with those products. You will also be able to renew your Maintenance Subscription when the time comes.
A Network License offers more flexibility, security, and better business solutions on your software investment. 
Make your move before the ability to purchase network activation for Autodesk products end soon. 

Last Chance to Late Renew Before Option Goes Away

Beginning February 1, 2016, all subscriptions, including Maintenance Subscription, MUST be renewed ON TIME. After this date, customers will no longer be able to "late renew" their subscription. Customers that do not renew on time will lose their subscription benefits and will need to purchase a Desktop Subscription contract or cross-grade to a Design & Creation Suite with Maintenance Subscription to stay current.

If your Autodesk Subscription is expired and you are within your 364 days to late renew, it’s not too late. Autodesk will waive late fees for customers who renew their expired Maintenance Subscription contracts before January 19, 2016.

Act now to keep access to updates, cloud, and software services without a penalty.

Email if you do not know when your Maintenance Subscription expires.


New and Updated Solutions

December 11, 2015

Autodesk has posted their newest updates and solutions……

3ds Max


Maya 2016 Send To 3ds Max option is missing


Advance Steel


Advance Steel: Renumbering cut views in detail sections assigns the same name to all section cuts



BIM 360 Glue Add-in for AutoCAD 2016 is not attaching model from another Glue Add-in version

Error: Could not attach signature. File may be read-only or in use.

Opening drawing but nothing is visible in the drawing

STLOUT cannot export model to negative coordinates from AutoCAD

The toolbar icons are white on light grey background if AutoCAD is set to light color scheme

AutoCAD Architecture


Walls do not properly cleanup when contained in block defintion in AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Civil 3D


Additional pipe network lines at bottom of profile

Geotechnical Module Sample Files

How to work with Civil/Map 3D FDO connections and Vault

AutoCAD for Mac


3DConnexion SpaceMouse and AutoCAD for Mac




Retrieve AutoCAD LT Ribbon


AutoCAD Map 3D


How to work with Civil/Map 3D FDO connections and Vault
Shift in AutoCAD Map mit CS 31259 from Oracle


AutoCAD Mechanical


Unable to change linetype from the Properties toolbar


BIM 360 Field


Cannot find the Enable for BIM management option in BIM 360 Field

How to get update status and maintenance schedule for BIM 360 Field

Issues have the same ID in BIM 360 Field

Valid Autodesk ID cannot log in to BIM 360 Field or BIM 360 Plan with email address


BIM 360 Glue


BIM 360 Glue Add-in for AutoCAD 2016 is not attaching model from another Glue Add-in version


Infrastructure Design Suite


How to Install Infrastructure Administrator as part of Infrastructure Design Suite


Infrastructure Map Server


Security hole in Fusion for Infrastructure Map Server 2013
Security hole in Fusion for Infrastructure Map Server 2014
Security hole in Fusion for Infrastructure Map Server 2015




How to edit point of interest (POI) style in InfraWorks




After Split Table and insert Customer part, The sort by Item result are wrong.

Configurator 360 Addin not showing for IDW/DWG

Content Center login fails with ‘the principle is not allowed to call this service’

Crash on opening a big assembly with more than 1000 components

Extension Spring Component Generator Tutrial
Extra arc drawn in an angular dimension while exported as dwg

How to insert the ND ‘nominal diameter’ into a parts list
How to save settings in Export to PDF options as default in Inventor

Impossible to check in Inventor DWGs into Vault: The underlying connection was closed…
Inventor 2015 and 2016 file highlight in Vault browser tree does not work when you select an object …

Inventor 2016 Force Effect Addin is blocked by AVG
Inventor 2016’s ANSI W and ANSI ASTM A6/A6M (W Shape – Inch) Content Center Libraries for I-Beams ha…
Inventor Studio 2016 is producing all black renderings for the recorded animations
Inventor: 2016 with the R3 subscription release installed having problems viewing the collaborations…
Inventor: Dimension sick in sheet metal part
Inventor: Exact positioning of section line in the IDW source view for section View
Inventor: Selecting a plane makes all planes shining through the model
Inventor: Transfer of old 2014, 2015 Inventor Library to new machine with 2016 Inventor
Inventor: With 2016 R3 installed picking the Inventor Connect button the panel loads with an error F…

Opening Inventor files from vault does not overwrite the file on disk
Unable to etrude to surface and to update some bolt connections

Vault Check-In Error for Inventor document texture image is outside the defined search paths
Vault Content Center not available in Inventor

Visualization issue on a edge after coil




Maya 2016 Send To 3ds Max option is missing




Navisworks: No plugin exists that will open SolidWorks 2015 file




Built in parameters in Electrical equipment family template

Collaboration for Revit Error: The current user doesn’t have the write access to the document…
Foundation slab area property is not exported to DWF/ DWFX format

IFC duct elements missing in Revit view

Revit 2016 R2: Unable to make changes in color scheme
Revit: Hang when printing to PDF with 2016 R2
The Select Views window is blank when gluing a model from Autodesk Revit


Robot Structural Analysis


Does Robot consider additional masses to determine the center of gravity?

Simulation Mechanical

Robot Structural Analysis material incorrect in Simulation Mechanical




Copy related items during Copy Design

Data Standard is missing

How to work with Civil/Map 3D FDO connections and Vault
Impossible to check in Inventor DWGs into Vault: The underlying connection was closed…
Inventor 2015 and 2016 file highlight in Vault browser tree does not work when you select an object …

it is possible to release a file where one children is not released

Opening Inventor files from vault does not overwrite the file on disk
Vault Check-In Error for Inventor document texture image is outside the defined search paths
Vault Content Center not available in Inventor

Where can I obtain a copy of Vaults Data Transfer Utility? (AKA VaultBCP)

More New and Updated Solutions from Autodesk

November 23, 2015

Error [-124.595.0]: Cannot return the borrowed license


3ds Max


3ds max Maxscript Heap Memory Allocation


Advance Steel


Advance Steel: Workplane and its functionalities




3D solids display with extra linework in AutoCAD 2016

Error: “AutoCAD Application has stopped working” when launching AutoCAD

Exporting a DWG to DGN creates an empty file

Extra inch mark ( “ ) on your dimensions

Fatal error: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0018 Exception at 69193733h

How to improve pdf quality when exported/printed from dwg

How to plot a 3D model including an image with black hidden lines

How to snap to ordinate dimensions created by an AutoCAD command, DIMORDINATE

In AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD-based products of version 2014 regapps are not getting removed

Install error “This product or its prerequisites do not support currently selected language”

Installing SP1 to AutoCAD 2016-based products (except English and Hungarian) causes Model Documentat…

Some xref entities not showing up on a dwg which has the xref attached

When viewports are on top of each other, one viewport doesn’t show its content anymore

XREF command in AutoCAD shows the old dialog window instead of the current xref palette

AutoCAD Civil 3D


In a profile view it is not possible to add pressure pipe data in Civil 3D

Unable to add Service Pack, Productivity Pack, and Transportation Extension to a Civil 3D 2016 deplo…


AutoCAD Electrical


MDB File “Not Responding”


AutoCAD Mechanical


Unable to snap to endpoint of dimension extension line




How to map an AutoCAD P&ID control valve to an AutoCAD Plant 3D drawing


AutoCAD Plant 3D


AutoCAD Plant 3D: Property palette displays cut length without any decimal places

How to add properties from the second port to the bill of material (BOM) in an isometric drawing

How to map an AutoCAD P&ID control valve to an AutoCAD Plant 3D drawing

Optimization of annotations in isometric drawings


AutoCAD Utility Design


Where is “DefaultCatalog.sqlite” file for Autodesk Utility Design


BIM 360 Field


BIM 360 Field: Export latest documents from library

Re-mapping equipment in BIM 360 Field does not work




Coupled vs de-coupled transient analyses are producing different results




Flame 2016 system requirements
Flame Assist 2015 system requirements
Flame Assist 2016 system requirements




Flare 2015 system requirements
Flare 2016 system requirements


Fusion 360


Corrupted Content Error on Fusion 360 download page

Joint Origins Ignore User Parameter Value When Edited


Helius PFA


Abaqus Error when running Abaqus with Helius PFA


Infrastructure Map Server


Selecting or searching of objects in Preview show Fusion Error: (object Object)

Site session is timing out in AIMS AppPool




Additional objects appearing on DWG Export.

Autodesk Inventor 2016 SP1 or R2 installation fails

Cannot Publish a ‘Reduced Tee’ to the content centre

Inventor 2016 fails to open due to Add-in.
Inventor 2016: Moving sketch in browser tree not possible after installing SP1 or R2
Inventor 2016: Self-illuminated objects are looking different in shaded view
Inventor Part rotated on Sketch creation.
Inventor Parts with linked parameters.
Inventor: 2016 IDW DWG Balloon bubble snap when placed no longer works
Inventor: After Content Center update some columns vanish
Inventor: Creating a coil feature on conical face can produce bad export results
Inventor: Creating a section view in assembly produces hangs between operations
Inventor: Drawing with LOD view cannot be updated
Inventor: iAssembly-BOM shows error in Quantity column
Inventor: Sketched text cannot be derived
Results from Frame Analysis are incorrect.

Why do I have an IPJ and a shortcut to the IPJ in the same folder




Modify a detailed curve with a simple curve.

Opening Maya results in crash on Mac OS X 10.9

Where to find the Mac version of Maya 2016 Extension 1 & Mudbox 2016 Extension 1




Error 304616: A beam element is connected to an internal tetrahedron node instead of on the surface

How to reduce mesh density in localized regions within Moldflow Synergy

Moldflow Adviser 2016 model import freezes during processing of model




Where to find the Mac version of Maya 2016 Extension 1 & Mudbox 2016 Extension 1




How to run Autodesk Nastran analyses from the command prompt
How to run Autodesk Nastran analyses using a batch file




Getting information from Navisworks into Glue and back into Navisworks.
Material detail in Navisworks Manage does not display correctly in Navisworks Freedom
Navisworks “Can’t resolve external reference” message




Arc wall doesn?t stop at wall junction

Error: “Can’t make type” when loading a family (Autodesk Revit)

How to install Revit eTransmit 2016 and Revit Worksharing Monitor 2016 silently from the command lin…
Install Error – Revit 2016 R2: This service pack could not be installed because it is not designed f…

Non-English versions of Revit display English messages after installing update

Print Audit Tool causing crashes in Revit

Recovery options for Collaboration for Revit models.

Reinforcement Numbers command error during slab area reinforcement

Revit crashes frequently while in a project.
Revit Error: Too many elements are missing
Revit: Downloading updates and extensions for Revit 2016
Revit: The items of table list are always in English instead of the local language at using Revit 20…
The Export and Import Buttons on DB Link form are missing in Revit 2016

The new icons of the Family Types Dialog are missing in French/ Spanish/ Russian versions of Revit 2…


Robot Structural Analysis


ROBOT – how to make linearly varying panel thickness along radius
ROBOT – is center of gravity of whole structure calculated by program
ROBOT – modal analysis error 2809
ROBOT – no results for moving loads and manual combinations


Simulation Mechanical


K and Cm values are not affecting the worst ratio results in the Beam Code Checking in Simulation Me…

Unable to access Design Optimiztion when using Simulation Mechanical Flex


Sketchbook Pro


Can you import DWG or DXF files into Sketchbook Pro




Smoke 2013 system requirements
Smoke 2015 system requirements
Smoke 2016 system requirements




Copy design to destination folder with same folder structure

Login of Vault Workgroup Webclient fails with “This Server is not supported”

The user get the error 1200 in Autodesk Vault by the funktion AssignItem

Upgrading Operating System while Vault Server is installed prevents Vault server from being uninstal…
Vault support for Data Transfer Utility / VaultBCP

When mapping Autodesk Vault 2015 with Microsoft Outlook 2010 folder: “A client operation failed”

When starting Microsoft Outlook 2013 the Autodesk Vault 2016 Add-in not loaded automatically

When you open Design Review you error : Problem Displaying File




How to set a Material ID in VRED and update it via Python scripting

Is there a way to use the Alpha Channel within the Incandescence of a VRED material

Orientation mode is not working with O on the keyboard within VRED anymore