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Using Images From Your iPhone That Are Geo-referenced

September 18, 2013

Did you know when you take a picture on your iPhone or iPad with location turned on, it reports the latitude and longitude to the image file?

I had a customer call me the other day and wondered if they could place images in Civil 3D at the exact point where they were taken.  After getting with my co-worker, Jeff Juniewich, we came up with a solution.

The customer was pleased.  However, the customer called back the next day and wanted to know if the solution given to him could have an arrow pointing in the direction of where the image is referencing.  Going back to Jeff, then beating our head’s against the wall, we got it figured out.

Below is a video on how to accomplish this.  Keep in mind, you probably won’t be able to get this to work correctly if you do not have or use Global Mapper.

Geo-referenced Images from iPhone Brought Into Civil 3D

This operation can also be beneficial if you use Infrastructure Map Server.  See image below…