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Infraworks 2014 “Bug” Resolved

April 12, 2013

If you have been using Infraworks 2014, you might have noticed that there is an issue with some of the trees.  Notably, the road style Boulevard with Trees and another particular tree.  The result shows the trunk of the trees as transparent.  See image below…

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

You can read about my post in the Infraworks Discussion Group.

Thanks to the user Henrik-B, there is a solution!!

Henrik-B states that the workaround is as follows:

1.  In Windows explorer, find your Infraworks resource folder. The path is usually something like this:

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\InfraWorks 2014\Resources

Note that ProgramData is a system folder that is often hidden by default, so that you might not see ProgramData in c:.

2.  Inside the resource folder, the texture file that causes the problem in your case is in this subfolder:


Here, there should be a file called PalmBark001_Diffuse.jpg

Henrik-B also states the problem is that the models contain some monochrome .jpg textures that are not handled correctly by Infraworks 2014. The attached file is another version of the same image, but converted to color-rgb. I obtained it by opening the jpg in IrfanView, choosing "Increase Color Depth" in the image menu, and overwriting the texture file with the converted one.

The other tree that is known to have this issue is…

<Resources>\assets\3DSMaxContent\Trees\tree016_var05_darkgreen\ Bark001_diffuse.jpg

Thanks again to Henrik-B for the help and support!!

Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler 2014? Not This Year. Introducing…Infraworks 2014!!

April 2, 2013

Autodesk has released their new Infrastructure Modeler 2014.  However, the name has been changed.  The new name for Modeler is Infraworks

The new release has a lot of improvements.  Having said that, you better check out the new system requirements for it.  It is eating my laptop alive!!  There are many settings to improve the performance, but doing so degrades the look of your model.

YouTube has some good videos on the new release.  You can subscribe to the Autodesk Infrastructure channel to check out the new features.

In the Ultimate suite you will get a new module called Roads & Highways.  This module will allow you to create about 40% of your design in Infraworks, including alignments and profiles, before you even open Civil 3D.

I hope to see some new videos out there from my subscribers.