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April 20, 2012

AutoCAD comes equipped to create PDF files, with no additional programs needed.  When you go to plot or publish, choose the PC3 file named DWG to PDF.PC3.  There are some options when using this PC3 file that are easily overlooked. After you select this printer name, click the Properties button and then click on the Device and Document Settings tab.

Select Custom Properties, and then click on the Custom Properties button. In the dialog that opens, you can specify the vector, gradient and raster image resolution settings, whether or not to capture fonts, whether or not to include layer information in the PDF, and lastly, whether or not to open the PDF when the plot is done.

DWG to .pdf

November 18, 2010

Most of you know that Autodesk provides a plot “machine” that converts, or “plots” your drawing to .pdf format.  Sometimes it doesn’t perform or work the way you want it to; drawings come out grainy, it only plots some of the drawing, etc.

I have came across a free download that will fix most of the problems, if not all of them.  It’s a freeware called CutePDF Writer.  Yes I know, sounds kind of lame, but it works great.  If you download and install it, it will automatically show up in your printer selection pull-down.

You can find this free little program by clicking on the image below:

11-18-2010 3-54-41 PM

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!!