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April eNews

March 31, 2015

Total CAD Systems, Inc. April eNews

Industry News & Schedule of Events

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Keep up with Total CAD Systems, Inc.’s latest news, promotions, and schedule of events.

AutoCAD 2016 is Here!

Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 has been released and will be coming to your Autodesk Account soon. Other 2016 products will be available within the coming weeks. Autodesk Subscription Contract Managers will receive email notifications from the Autodesk Subscription Team regarding 2016 availability.

If you do not know who your Subscription Contract Manager is, please email

Check out some informative tools:

AutoCAD 2016 Preview Guide
AutoCAD 2016 Video Tutorials

SAVE THE DATE: June 24th – 26th for our 2016 Rollout Event. More details to follow for our upcoming 2016 event.

0% Financing Promotion

From March 2, 2015 through April, 24, 2015*, customers can benefit from a 0% financing rate of either 24 or 36 months when meeting certain eligibility requirements on Autodesk® software and Subscription purchases.
Eligibility requirements include:

Minimum transaction size to qualify for 0% financing for 24 or 36 months is of $35,000 in product purchases up to a maximum of $150,000.
Qualifying product purchases include Autodesk perpetual licenses (new/crossgrade), Autodesk Desktop Subscription and Autodesk Cloud Services.**
Perpetual licenses purchased through this program,  must have Maintenance subscription attached in order to qualify.

*The financing offer is valid from March 2, 2015 through April 24, 2015, or until $8 million in funding is allocated (whichever occurs first) as determined by Autodesk.

** Maintenance Subscription purchases are eligible for this offer after meeting the $35K minimum in product. Renewals of Maintenance Subscription will also qualify through the program when meeting all other requirements but will only qualify with a minimum of a two year multi-year renewal Subscription. Autodesk Maintenance Subscription (New and Renewal) may not exceed 50% of the total amount financed. Consulting Services, partner training and services, and/or other related purchases are not eligible.

Review the full Terms and Conditions or call (281) 445-6161 for more information.

Autodesk Collaboration for Revit Online Rebate

Autodesk® A360 Collaboration for Revit® is a Cloud Subscription service that works with Revit® software to connect building project teams with centralized access to BIM project data in the cloud. Teams stay connected in real time using the Communicator chat tool within models. Integrated with Autodesk A360, Collaboration for Revit enables the entire project teams to work on shared building information models.

From March 23, 2015 through July 24, 2015, Autodesk is offering an online Rebate of $400 when customers purchase a new annual term licenses of Autodesk® A360 Collaboration for Revit® with a qualifying purchase of Autodesk® Building Design Suite Premium or Autodesk® Building Design Suite Ultimate commercial new license or crossgrade with Maintenance Subscription.

Multiple rebates may be redeemed by a single customer providing multiple qualifying purchases are made. One rebate may be redeemed for each Autodesk® A360 Collaboration for Revit® cloud subscription that is accompanied by a qualifying purchase of Autodesk Building Design Suite.

Adherence is required to all the Terms and Conditions herein:

Eligible Products must be ordered and invoiced between March 23, 2015 through July 24, 2015 (dates are inclusive);
Go to Collaboration for Revit Promo Site to complete the online rebate form with the product purchase information, including the Autodesk or Vendor part number of the  product licenses, price and quantity of licenses purchased;
Submit contact information and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the rebate offer; 
Upload a copy of the Proof of Purchase;
Print the resulting email confirmation for your records

*Please Note: The online rebate site will be available on April 7, 2015. At that time, submissions for qualifying purchases made from March 23, 2015 through July 24, 2015 will be accepted.

Please review the Terms & Conditions or contact us (281) 445-6161 for additional information.

Autodesk Vault Professional Rebate

Buy 5 Seats of Vault Professional for the Price of 4!

From March 23, 2015 through July 24, 2015, Autodesk is offering an Online Rebate of $1,995 (the Suggested Retail Price of one commercial license) when customers purchase 5 commercial new licenses of Autodesk Vault Professional with one year of commercial maintenance subscription on each of the five (5) licenses.*

Multiple rebates may be redeemed for purchases that include ten (10) or more qualifying Autodesk Vault Professional licenses purchased with commercial maintenance subscription. Rebates will be honored for each multiple of 5 qualifying licenses purchased, with no maximum. No proportional rebates are available on other quantities.

Adherence is required to all the Terms and Conditions herein:

Eligible Products must be ordered and invoiced between March 23, 2015, through July 24, 2015 (dates are inclusive);
Go to to complete the online rebate form with the product purchase information, including the Autodesk or Vendor part number of the product licenses, price and quantity of licenses purchased;
Submit contact information and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the rebate offer;
Upload a copy of the Proof of Purchase;
Print the resulting email confirmation for your records

*Must purchase Maintenance Subscription

Review the Terms & Conditions or call (281) 445-6161 for more information.

Autodesk Fusion 360 for Product Design Suite Subscribers

All current and new Product Design Suite customers on Maintenance or Desktop Subscription are entitled to Autodesk Fusion 360 cloud service, as part of their Subscription benefits.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is the first tool of its kind; it enables teams to work together within an integrated design, engineering and fabrication platform, virtually anywhere and on any device. This will give you the ability to take advantage of new business and technical opportunities, while providing you with more choice and flexibility than ever before. Welcome to Fusion 360, and to the community working with us to co-create the future of CAD. 

How to access Fusion 360:

1. First, the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator must grant users access to the Fusion 360 benefit.

2. Then, the user downloads Fusion 360 from Subscription Center or Autodesk Account and signs in with the same email address that the Contract Manager used when granting access.  

Review the FAQ  for more information or contact your local Total CAD Rep (281) 445-6161.

In This Issue

0% FInancing Promotion

Collaboration for Revit Rebate

Autodesk Vault Professional Rebate

Autodesk Fusion 360

Training Schedule

Open Doors Certification Event

Subscription Center Retiring


Revit MEP Fundamentals

April 13th – 14th

AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals

April 13th – 16th

Inventor Fundamentals

(Sessions 1 and 2)*

Session1: April 16th – 17th

Session 2: April 20th – 21st

Revit Architecture Fundamentals

April 22nd – 24th

AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals

April 27th – 29th

AutoCAD Plant 3D Fundamentals

April 27th – 29th

Navisworks Fundamentals

April 30th

Vault for Inventor Users

May 7th

*Sessions 1 and 2 must be taken within the same month.

Email Nhi Hong to register for training or for more information.

Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event

For only $45, you can become an Autodesk Certified Professional at our Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event.

The Open Door Certification Event Day is Friday, May 8th

Follow these steps to register:

Register your information at
Enter in the SITE ID: AM0045 to select Total CAD Systems as your Certification Center.
Select the exam you’d like to take.

You can find more information on these exams including exam road maps by visiting

Autodesk Subscription Center has been Retired

Autodesk Subscription Center has been retired. Customers can access Autodesk Account to track and manage all of their Autodesk products, services, and benefits.

Take a tour of Autodesk Account.
Customers can go to and log in using their existing Subscription Center login credentials or Autodesk ID.

Autodesk Account features a streamlined workflow that helps customers quickly find everything they need to manage their Autodesk products and services in one easy to navigate portal:

Download entitled products and trials – including product updates and enhancements
Access help and support – get Subscription Help, Up & Ready, phone and other support
Manage access and permissions – view licenses and grant access to software and benefits
Track usage – of licenses, benefits and consumption to save costs and predict budgeting
Purchase or renew licenses – based on requirements and usage
Update your profile – quickly view and update information so your profile is always current

Review the FAQ for more information or contact your local Total CAD Rep (281) 445-6161.

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More with Vault

April 22, 2014


Get Previous Version/Revision of Parts and Assemblies…

We do not get many calls on this subject, but I think it may be because users are not aware of this ability within a vault application.

Many clients need to get back to a previous variation of a design, either due to overlooking a particular item in the design, or a change in the direction of the design. With Vault and Inventor, clients can get a previous version, however the command is not widely visible from a vault menu or tool bar. Without knowledge of this function, vault users can waste time attempting to get back to a version reflecting the state of the design they actually need.

Let’s take a look at the steps needed to accomplish “Get Previous Version”

Below is a Figure of the design in its current configuration.

Fig. 1

Fig. 1


The following Drawing also reflects the above assembly.



The problem is: I need to get the previous version of the file before the top most beams were added to the design; and how does a user accomplish this task, with “Get Previous Version”. Accessing that tool is done this way.

1. From the preview pane highlight the version needed.


Fig. 3

2. Then right click and select “Get/Checkout”

3. Once “Get/Checkout” dialog box appears, expand it to a full dialog…


Fig. 4

Note the number of files to be downloaded to my workspace (12).

4. Download the required file(s), only 12 to be exact, but DO NOT CHECKOUT, then select “OK”

5. The Vault Browser will reflect some out of date files and/or documents


Fig. 5

6. Next is to inform Vault this version needs to be checked out, but not over-write the version you just downloaded.

7. Select the latest version from the main pane in Vault.


Fig. 6

8. Right click and select “Get/Checkout” and expand the dialog box.

9. Pick checkout ball with blue check, and note the checkout download indicators.


Fig. 7

10. Now Select the button identifying the “Working Folders”


Fig. 8

11. Set the download location/Type to “None”. Note the Download indicator


Fig. 9

12. Pick “OK”

13. Open file from within the Inventor application NOT from Vault.


Fig. 10

14. Change Model browser from “Model” to “Vault”, you will see the following.


Fig. 11

15. This is the normal condition, Vault is warning you that the file(s) are checked out to you, and they need to be refreshed from the Vault. This is because Vault thinks you have the wrong version, but you know better…!

16. From the Vault browser within Inventor, highlight the assembly file and check in.


Fig. 12

17. The Check in dialog box will be presented to you, select your favorite option and continue.


Fig. 13

  18. Your results should look like your previous version selected back in Step (1), Fig. 14 & 15.


Fig. 14


Fig. 15

Vault and Moving Files

December 19, 2013

Moving files, The Nightmare!

Recently I have come across several accounts that are having serious issues with getting a drawing or model file in the correct windows location. It is becoming a nightmare for those clients and their file management. The situation is this; clients are moving the files with Windows commands and tools, and NOT using the Vault file management tools.

A few items to keep in mind when working with document management tools such as Vault.

  1. All files managed by or planned to be managed by Vault must NOT be manipulated by Windows commands.
  2. Opening a file from any folder and executing a “Save As” will NOT correctly manage the links to that file, Example: Opening an Assembly, A1 containing parts P1, P2,and P3, and running a Save As on A1, renaming it to A11 will NOT change the references to P1, P2 and P3. This simple operation can destroy the validity of the A1 and A11 Assemblies if the A11 assembly needs to reflect a different design iteration. If a user was to change P1, it will change in both Assemblies A1 and A11 thus the “Save As” does not differentiate either Assembly (A1 or A11), they are identical even though the A11 has been moved to a new folder.
  3. Instead using the Move files within the Vault client will correctly path the moved files to all others that they may have an effect on. In the example noted above in (2) moving the A1 assembly to a completely different folder will cause Vault to correct the links to parts P1,P2 and P3. Changing any Part. P1, P2 or P3 will then update Assembly A1. If a new complete design is needed to reflect a change that DOES NOT need to affect the assembly A1 and its part relationships, then the tool known as “COPY DESIGN” should be used.
  4. COPY DESIGN allows several things to happen, move to a different folder structure with in the vault, rename each and every effected file, heal all the relationships to the moved and renamed file and folder locations. I.E. A1 is moved to a new folder and renamed to A11, parts P1, P2 and P3 can be reused and still point to the A11 in the new folder location, or parts P1, P2 and P3 can be renamed so that they are unique to the A11 Assembly. Example P1 to P11 and P2 to P22 etc. This operation will again heal the links in each and every effected file as a result of using the “COPY DESIGN” tools.

In short, with Inventor and the Vault Document system the only way to properly move, rename and copy designs is to use the tools within the vault client or the applications vault add-in tools.

Hope this clears up any questions about file management using Vault and NOT windows tools and commands….

Happy File management….

Mike B.

External References, Data Shortcuts, Vault, Buzzsaw… AEC Choices for Data Management

September 18, 2012

Civil 3D recognizes several options for data management.  The mystery to many users is what makes these data management techniques different from one another.  Your company’s goals and directions will determine which would be a best fit for each situation.

External references have been around since Release 12—or 1998. By definition, an external reference (aka ‘xref’) is a file that resides outside of a destination or host drawing.  The host drawing contains information leading to the referenced file, but this file cannot be edited within the host drawing.  Using external references, the host drawing increases in size only minimally, and the user has options available such as on/off, frozen/thawed, linetype/color and such changes that only affect the view of the reference file within the host.  For much of the AutoCAD community, this has been a very effective management technique, allowing multiple users to access a picture of a common file in their current drawing while maintaining the integrity of the original file.  Up until recently, XREFS were ideal for project management.  However, with the increased intelligence of our drawings and softwares, we need a little more power.

When Civil 3D came along, users needed to have access to more than just a picture.  Enter Data Shortcuts.  Data shortcuts allow multiple users to not only access the picture of the referenced drawing (much like an xref), but also allows those users to access Civil 3D data from the referenced drawing as well.  With the introduction of associating data shortcuts to specific projects in 2010, there is less room for error in accessing the wrong data shortcut—the path stays in tact.  This management technique is very efficient in the civil design world, enabling users to work independently and in sync with one another on a common design.

Vault Collaboration works much like a library system, allowing check out and check in of project documents.  Users can be allowed levels of access, or permissions, depending on their role in project development.  Vault provides a central project database which provides constant versioning—check in creates new versions while keeping archives of past information; this occurs during the redline process.  Revisioning is also a function of Vault—revisions do not require check out to change the status of project documents, and are more for project milestones once something is ready /approved for construction.  Also, Vault is able to store documents from other disciplines, including emails and specifications, for your final product.  Although Vault has been around a while and is mostly used for mechanical and fabrication projects, Civil 3D is beginning to migrate to this type of document management using Vault Collaboration.

In addition to Vault Collaboration, there is also Vault Professional (formerly Manufacturing).  Vault Professional enriches replication features, which allows collective global data in a central location.  This data is synchronized among all workgroups, globally, and users away from the central depository are able to check information in and out at will without being concerned about duplication or contradiction of data.

Finally, there is a buzz in the air regarding BuzzsawBuzzsaw enables data management based on cloud services as well as enabling users to view Revit and Navisworks models.  Buzzsaw saves these files in a central location, allowing users to access from nearly anywhere using a multitude of mobile devices. If your company is BIM-driven, Buzzsaw may be the data management system best suited for this type of work.

Hope this sheds some light on some of the management options for Civil 3D, but keep your questions close at hand and let us know if we can help!

Inventor, Manage, Sept. 16 2010 Webcast…

October 5, 2010

On Sept 16th we presented a web cast covering the following subjects: Managing, Sharing and Visualizing your Inventor designs. We covered the following applications: Vault, AEC exchange with Revit, reviewing documents with DWF markups from Design Review, and finally the creation of high quality visualization files from Autodesk Showcase.

We have published those recorded video presentations for your review. You can view these at a your convenience  from the following URL locations…

Working with Revit and Data Management: (Inventor Part 1)

Sharing with DWF: (Inventor part 2)

Visualization with Autodesk Showcase:(Inventor part 3)

The posted videos contain audio so turn on and turn up your speakers…

We again thank you for attending our Sept. 16th web cast and look forward to seeing you again on our next web cast…

Thank you,

Total CAD Systems Inc. MSD Solutions team…